American student has developed a 200-watt laser bazuka

The 23-year-old student of the University of South Illinois Drake Anthony “One, but Fiery Passion” in the full sense of the word. As he himself claims: “I got hooked on lasers when I was 12 years old”. Drake is the owner of the Styropyro YouTube channel, where he regularly laid out the demonstration rollers of his laser weapon.

His last creation is a laser bazuka with a capacity of 200 watts. Outwardly, it somewhat resembles an ordinary shotgun, although in fact it is an installation that combines several lasers focusing a common beam through one lens.

The young inventor is convinced that in his hands a formidable weapon, capable of blinding the enemy for a long time. A light bundle generated by a bazauca is capable of applying 33 million. once more harm to the eyes than the light from the sun. According to the author, today it is the most powerful portable laser created by an amateur. In his immediate plans – work to create a powerful impulse laser.

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