American surgeons conducted the world’s first pork transplantation to man

American surgeons for the first time in history transplanted a genetically modified pork heart to a living person. The patient transferred the operation safely and is now under close control at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland. This achievement is the culmination of many years of work of scientists from around the world. A genetically altered heart was provided by Revivicor Regenerative Medicine. The Donor pig has undergone about 10 gene modifications to reduce the risk of immune rejection in humans.

57-year-old David Bennett with fatal heart disease became the recipient. This is too hard for a simple transplant, so the US FDA approved the operation as an extreme measure in a critical situation.

When more than 10 years ago the CRISPR genome technology appeared, scientists worked on the creation of a reserve of organs suitable for humans. After a few successful operations on the Babuins, in 2021, two experimental transplants of pork buds were already carried out in public – clinically dead patients connected to the Ivl – to fix the absence of signs of immune rejection.

Now the surgeon Bartley Griffith with careful optimism assesses Bennett’s condition. Five days after the procedure, David’s immune system has not rejected the new organ, but it is too early to judge for sure. In the near future, Bennett will closely monitor and study the long -term consequences of this historical operation.

Source &#8212 University of Maryland Medical Center

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