Americans created a laser acoustic gun (video)

Americans created a laser acoustic gun (video)

Engineers working in the Pentagon in the management of weapons of non -commercial influence made a prototype of a new acoustic gun like LRAD. It is designed to use laser radiation in order to generate loud sounds. According to experts, the novelty is capable of creating a sound source at an arbitrary point in space, and at a decent distance from itself.

The effect of this acoustic weapon is not deadly. The strength of its sound is used to temporarily hit people. Military United States is already using a similar technique. It was developed in the 90s of the last century and called Long Range Acoustic Device, which translates as an “long-range acoustic device” and has a reduction in LRAD. The acoustic gun is capable of transferring voice commands, the intensity of which reaches one and a half hundred decibels. It can also be used as a powerful sound generator at a frequency of 2-3 Killer. He is extremely unpleasant for a person’s ear. The American authorities from time to time use devices in order to disperse protests that have gone out of control.

Long Range Acoustic Device transfers sounds using electromagnetic loudspeakers of modest sizes. These emitters are placed in the devices so that the sound waves coming from them converge partially, creating a resonance. Thanks to this, the device is formed by an acoustic ray, the divergence angle of which is from 30 ° to 60 °. The novelty created by employees of the weapon of weapons of weapons is based on femo -section lasers. They are capable of generating laser radiation in impulses with a length of several femtoseconds.

The new device uses one of the generators to form a ball from plasma directly in the air. It is spent on its creation for 10-15 seconds. Another generator after this leads a laser beam with an extremely narrow spectrum on this plasma ball. When plasma and laser radiation interact, a loud sound and bright light are produced. Changing the frequency of the laser radiation, you can adjust the frequency of sound, which is formed. According to researchers, for three years they will learn to play a person’s voice with plasma and laser.

The creators of the device assure that, due to the use of lasers, the latest acoustic gun will generate a source for a loud sound at an arbitrary point in space at a distance of 30 kilometers from the installation. Recall that the source is the area of plasma that the laser affects. Other details of the latest development at this stage have not been disclosed.

While the American Ministry of Defense has published a small plot with testing a prototype of a new acoustic laser gun. Among other things, in the final of the recording, against the background of the squeak created by the device, sound is heard. He is very similar to the human voice that says some words.

As journalist Patrick Tucker from the Internet publication Defense One noted, the Pentagon plans to use the system to protect military bases and secret objects from the penetration of strangers, scaring them “to stupor”.


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