Americans offer to clean the space of garbage with electricity

American scientists offer to use electricity to get rid of space from garbage. Unique Satellite Palace Already developed in Colorado.

Scientists from the University of Colorado presented a unique technology that allows you to remove space garbage using electricity. Now they have started developing a new satellite called Glider, which will attract cosmic garbage in orbit using electrons. His work will be built on the principle of electrostatic forces.

As planned by the authors of the project, the new spacecraft will “attack” space garbage with electrons, and then move it towards higher orbits. Moreover, for the “towing” of one space body at the Glider apparatus will go about two to three months.

It is worth noting that Glider will work in a geostationary orbit, which is located several tens of thousands of kilometers from the ground. Now there are about 1200 space objects there, only a third of which work.

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