Among the 48 GB of duckling files, Star Citizen found a ship that cannot be bought

All these materials are already outdated, and most of them are incompatible with the current version of the modified Cryengine engine, which creates a game. Because of this, they are either impossible to load them at all, or they are reproduced incorrectly. But users still managed to view some files in the new version of Star Citizen. So, they gained access to Bengal Carrier — The most powerful military transport ship, the length of which is 1 km.

The video showing the Bengal model appeared on the Parias Denton YouTube channel. It should be borne in mind that it shows the old version of the ship, which may not correspond to the release. It is also worth refraining from assessing the quality of graphics — The engine has since undergone significant changes. According to the author of the video, duck -out materials contain several versions of the vessel — presented in the video, in his opinion, the latest. The files also have interior items, but since they need to be arranged manually, the user did not show them.

According to the technical designer of the game Dan Tracy, the model of this heavy aircraft carrier has about 7.5 million training grounds without taking into account Tesselia. For comparison: The Origin M-50 racing ship contains only 100 thousand. polygons. The image below, on which Bengal is depicted next to the light ships Constellation, P52, Hornet, Freelancer and 300i, will help to imagine the scale of this giant.

Below is last year compilation from concept arts and videos showing Bengal:

It is curious that Bengal, unlike many other aircraft, cannot be bought for real money. You can get it at your disposal only by playing ways: for example, to capture in the battle, pick up the abandoned in the place where the battle was held, or «to hide» Other owners.

At this link, you can find a gallery of pictures of models of other ships from the files that have fallen into the network. They are deprived of textures and, in general, are very different from those that will be presented in the official version of the game.

Meanwhile, the Star Citizen budget continues to grow actively: now the total amount of donated funds exceeds $ 83 million. To date, more than 900 thousand participated in the campaign. users. In the near future to two available modules — Hangar and Arena Commander — The third, Star marine will add. This component, the creation of which is engaged in the Illfonic studio, is a tactical first -person shooter with many gameplay systems, parameters and a mechanic (including three fighting racks and a respiratory system), as well as Sata Ball sports game.


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