AMONG The Sleep horror will be released on Xbox One in early summer

Recall that PC users received the first project, and this happened in May 2014. At the end of last year, the owners of PlayStation 4 began to play the horror, and now, after another six months, the Krillbite studio project has reached Xbox One. On this platform, as on others, the release will only be digital. At the time of writing, the preliminary order has not yet been open, so we cannot name the cost of the version for PS4. For comparison: at Steam, you can buy Among the Sleep for only 349 rubles.

In Among the Sleep, the player assigned the role of a two -year -old child living with his divorced mother. On the second birthday, we receive a gift from father — Teddy bear. It all starts with the fact that, waking up at night, we, together with a toy friend, go on a trip along the surreal world, where we are haunted by a terrible witch. To solve her secret, you have to go through the game until the end. For Xbox One, a small portion of exclusive materials is promised: the player will be able to dress up his brave peanut in different pajamas.


  • Windows Central

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