AMPERE announcement will provide NVIDIA support even in conditions of coronavirus flash

This week, the shares of the technological sector are rapidly cheap, since investors were convinced of the ability of coronavirus outbreaks to have a negative impact on the entire world economy. Optimists are still located who consider NVIDIA shares quite resistant to these phenomena the investment object.

Bernstein analysts explain that the microprocessor industry 35 % depends on China in revenue, and the most vulnerable to the outbreak of coronavirus are the types of activities related to the production of smartphones, personal computers and cars. Nevertheless, experts are convinced that the semiconductor industry will not suffer from coronavirus forever and will be able to recover in a short time. In the point of view of Bernstein, the Boadcom and NXP Semiconductors, since their course is not so high, have potential attractiveness for investors. In addition, analysts continue to believe in the ability of NVIDIA to present a family of new products this year. This step should increase NVIDIA resistance to the economic consequences of coronavirus.

VideoCardz resource from Twitter’s pages on the eve of distributed information that should be questioned, but it is also impossible to circumvent the discussion in the current conditions. This site with reference to an anonymous source reports that NVIDIA is already ready for a digital project that allows you to soon begin to release engineering samples of game graphic solutions of the AMPERE generation. The most interesting thing is that they should be produced according to the energy-efficient version of the 8-nm process process. In this context «under suspicion» Samsung Electronics immediately turns out to be produced by 8-nm technology and promising TEGRA processors of the Orin family.

It is not a fact, of course, that the entire assortment of the graphic processors of the ampere family will be produced according to the 8-nm technology, but the rumors about the cooperation of Nvidia and Samsung in this area have more than once and earlier. In the mobile segment, the use of a special version of the 8-nm technology process would achieve good energy efficiency.


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