An advanced gardener robot was collected on the basis of a conventional lawn mower

The international team of researchers under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh has developed a prototype of the Trimbot robot, which can cut lawns and care for flower beds.

The basis of Trimbot is a robotized Bosch lawn mower. The creators of the robot tried to create a device that will allow maintaining order in parks and other places of public use, and will also help older people and disabled people in their gardens.

Trimbot works on batteries and is equipped with five stereo chambers for navigation and a flexible manipulator with various devices. It is pre -programmed taking into account the approximate digital card of a particular garden, which the system of computer vision compares and clarifies during the work for better orientation. The robot computer contains algorithms reporting on how, for example, the perfect bush looks like, which helps Trimbot correctly cut it.

In recent years, many agricultural robots have been created, for example, for example, a strawberry robe or his “colleague”, who cares around the clock of extensive crops. Although, as practice shows, with their skills they do not yet reach an employee of the average qualification. Work in the garden has some features – in particular, when caring for many plant species, it requires considerable caution and accuracy.

Trimbot robot

Source &#8212 University of Edinburgh

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