An additional CPU-Yaro Xbox One processor will increase the speed in games

The Xbox One console has repeatedly been criticized by market observers for the level of performance, which is slightly lower than that of the main competitor, Sony PlayStation 4. At the end of last year, Microsoft slightly increased the computing power of its prefix, making it possible to use an additional processor core. Although the game developers have yet to evaluate the advantages of innovations, at least one of them is sure: the additional core will have a positive effect on the speed in games.

Microsoft Xbox One is based on the system on the chip, which includes eight general -purpose nuclei AMD Jaguar, AMD Radeon graphics processor based on GCN architecture, memory controller and other necessary blocks. Although six eight processor nuclei were always available for use by games, two were reserved for the needs of the operating system and the functionality of the Kinect sensor. At the end of last year, Microsoft allowed the game developers to use the seventh core, abandoning its reservation for Kinect. Until now, few developers began to use an additional core, or at least talked about such plans.

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One

Jehanne Rousseau, Executive Director of Spiders, a company that develops a game The Technomacer, became the first creator of games to declare the significant advantages to include an additional computing core of general purpose.

«We do not use it yet, but this is a matter of time», — said Madame Rousseau in an interview with Gamingbolt. «We are very interested in access to this processor nucleus. We will use it for some calculations to increase the frequency of personnel. In fact, our engine was developed taking into account multi-core processors, mainly due to the most diverse configurations of personal computers, but it will also be useful for the seventh Xbox One kernel».

The system on the Microsoft Xbox One.Photo by IFIXIT

Microsoft Xbox One. Photo by IFIXIT

The seventh Microsoft Xbox One processor core can be used in a variety of ways to increase the performance of the console. For example, it can be involved in calculations associated with artificial intelligence, or for leathering physical effects. In addition, an additional general -purpose processor core can be used to send additional data to the graphic processor, which will increase the frequency of personnel in games.

Without a doubt, a large number of processor nuclei — This is always a plus. However, it should be understood that games designed before Microsoft «Opened» a new core for developers, they will not be able to use it, unless the creators are concerned about the release of the corresponding «Parse» (which is unlikely for the world of console games). Thus, the additional core will only matter when the developers learn to use it. How soon it will happen only time will show.


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