An electric car that accelerates to 100 km/h per 3.2 s

The vast majority of users consider electric cars to be somewhat slow and economical. Despite this, real speeds began to appear among them. This allows us to make sure the latest development created by the efforts of the unknown Spanish company Quimera and the British designer Alex Etyterello.

The working prototype is called AEDC and is designed to participate in races. The most interesting feature of a fully electric car is a frisky character. So, from a place to a hundred, it accelerates in just 3.2 s, so he can give a head start over the overwhelming majority of supercars.

The construction of the prototype was engaged in Etyterillo together with a small team of devoted enthusiasts. Car was completely created in England. As expected, the novelty will participate in one of the first cars in the history of cars completely complete without fossil fuel. The organizers of the race are Quimera, Formula Drift, the International Association of Motorsport and the American series Le-Man. To store energy, the novelty uses a special lithium-frivo-foster battery, allowing it to drive about 240 km on one charge.



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