Question personal data leaks are more worried about men than women

It turned out that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love to tell on the Internet about themselves and their acquaintances with the help of photographs. So, 66 % of women are divided by their images, and another 30 % publish pictures in which their friends and relatives are present. Among men, both indicators below — 54 % and 28 %, respectively.

At the same time, the videos with them in the title role posted 20 % of Russian men on the network, and the video with their friends — 15 %. And in this they are ahead of women for whom similar indicators are 16 % and 12 %.

In general, women in Russia are twice as less common for men to share excessively personal photos and videos on the Internet — 11 % versus 20 %. At the same time, ladies are much more willing to share in the network information about their hobbies and personal relationships (32 % of women against 25 % of men), as well as contact data (55 % and 51 %). At the same time, 37 % of men and women equally easily reveal the date of their birth.

As for the issue of leakage of personal data, it is more concerned about the stronger gender. Thus, men more often check whether the post or report of confidential information (32 % versus 29 %) is being ready to publish, refuse to use social networks or instant messengers if their work threatens the safety of personal data (26 % versus 21 %) and preferDo not be frank on the network during festive feasts with alcohol (22 % versus 15 %). At the same time, however, women seek to share personal and working communication and share private information only with family and close friends (50 % against 39 % of men).


  • Kaspersky laboratory

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