An embryo of an unknown animal who lived 500 million years ago was found

The find in Hubei Province in southern China was a complete surprise for the researchers of Jess Lock and James Schiffbauer – specialists in prehistoric animals. What was their surprise and delight when, in the layers of limestone, they found tiny petrified spheres with polygonal patterns on the surface.

After a thorough examination on high -precision equipment, scientists came to the conclusion that they had in their hands Froken embryos unknown living creature. In total, about 140 embryos were discovered, which, apparently, were then at the stage of propagation. Their shell consisted of phosphates with a calcite nucleus located inside and turned into stone for millions of years.

Froken embryos

Archaeologists had previously found fossilized embryos of prehistoric animals, but this Chinese find is unlike any of them. Scientists are sure that new discoveries await them ahead.

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