An announced date of the multiplayer “Beta” COD: Black Ops 3

Unfortunately, the creators did not share other details. It is still unknown which cards and modes will be available during beta testing. There is also no exact information about when the winners of the Xbox One and PC will be able to test the project before the release. But the developers promised that they would share additional details very soon.

It is worth noting that «beta» will not be available to the owners of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Speech versions for these consoles were announced last month, Beenox and Mercenary Technology studios are engaged in their development.

The opportunity to participate in testing will be guaranteed to get everyone who placed a preliminary order of a disc or digital version of Black OPS 3. Debuts «beta» on PS4, since since this year the main partner of Activision and Call of Duty was Sony — All additions to the shooters of the series will first appear on the PlayStation, and only in a month — on Xbox and PC. Black Ops 3 itself will be released on November 6 on all platforms.


  • Gamespot

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