An energy -efficient skyscraper with a facade of the trapezoid modules was built in Beijing

At first glance, the high-rise 55-story building of the Greenland Center of the company Skidmore, Owings has just been put into operation & Merril does not particularly differ from other skyscrapers that filled the Business Center of Beijing.

However, upon careful consideration, you begin to understand that it was not without high technology. The glazed facade of the building is made using bas -relief technique and consists of two types of trapezidal glass modules, in a special way refracting light inside and outside.

Energy -saving skyscraper

The company’s designers have created an elegant, attractive tower, combining the simplicity of shape, light and shadow. In cloudy weather, the tower accumulates daylight and then illuminates the surrounding space.

SOM representatives claim that the trapezoidal glass elements of the facade increase the thermal protection of the building and significantly reduce heating from sunlight, unlike flat glass facades. The ultimate goal is to achieve 30 % of the reduction of energy consumed and water compared to already built buildings.

Energy -saving skyscraper

To do this, in the Greenland center, in addition to the glass facade, several energy -saving technologies are involved, including pumping pumps for heating and cooling, evaporative cooling systems, as well as well -proven thermal pumps.

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