An announced new mobile strategy in the Universe Warhammer 40,000

Tyranid Invasion is a step -by -step strategy in which users will command a detachment of space marines. For forty plot missions, they, as the name implies, have to withstand the hordes of tyranides coming on all sides.

In addition to a single campaign, the project will offer multiplayer battles online. The player will receive a detachment of forty space marines at his disposal, each of which is allowed to pump «Hundreds of skills and skills», and also configure other parameters.

«Before we started creating this game, we did not have experience with Unreal Engine, — Said the technical director of Rodeo Games Rich Brooks (Rich Brooks). — But we quickly figured it out in the company. The whole last year we have been happy to study its capabilities. And this engine will allow such a small team like us to create a high -quality mobile project».

So far, Tyranid Invasion is created only for iOS devices. Perhaps, like Warhammer Quest, she will ever go to PC, but so far the developers are not ready to talk about it.


  • Gamespot

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