An explosion occurred at the factory of Apple supplier

As you know, Apple refrains from production its own forces, preferring the work of cheap Asian partners. Foxconn and Pegatron act today as the production capacities of Apple, and for some reason they are haunted by serious failures. So, suicides among workers are regularly occurred at Foxconn plants, now this karma has spread to PEGATRON. An explosion occurred at the factory of this company. As a result of the explosion, 61 employees of the company were injured, in addition, they received serious damage to the IPAD 2 tablet computers production line. The explosion occurred at 15:40 local time, there was no fire followed, but immediately medical care for 23 workers, the rest turned to doctors a little later. Fortunately, the injuries received by employees did not pose a threat to their life. As the official version published by representatives of the Shanghai City Hall reads, the explosion happened on the fourth floor of the plant. And the representative of Pegatron specified that at the time of the incident the plant was not yet put into operation. The causes of the explosion were not established, but it is assumed that it was caused by fuel substances sprayed in the air, only one spark was enough.

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