An effective means of combating rats has been developed

The damage that rats for people annually cause is calculated by billions of dollars. They bring innumerable troubles to agriculture, penetrate into our dwellings, are the peddles of many deadly diseases. The centuries-old confrontation of man and rats somewhat reminiscent of a protracted war, where victory has not yet been won. Nature endowed rats with incredible vitality and the ability to adapt to the most powerful poisons, and even to prohibitive radiation. They are incredibly smart and fertile. But then what to do?

Eston laboratory chemists have proposed an original system for the fight against insidious rodents. They developed a toxin based on vitamin D, which, as it turned out, is fatal for rats and is absolutely harmless to other animals. For spraying the drug, a special electronic device was created, which works only when the rat appears in the area of its action. On other animals, the action of the device does not apply.

Old generation rats, where all kinds of poisons were used, killed rodents for a long time and painfully. Now everything happens more “humane” —Death occurs a day after a toxin enters the skin of a rat from a heart attack.

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