An electric plane from Metro Hop will be able to take off with a runway 25 meters long

With the development of electric aviation, aircraft with shortened scams can become a real alternative to aircraft with vertical take -off. The latter spend too much energy when taking off and landing, thereby significantly limiting the “useful” range of their flight.

The Metro Hop electric power grid designed by Metro Hop due to a short take -off from a runway not exceeding 25 meters. The new machine will be equipped with large wings and an unusual chassis with electric motors integrated into it, with which the aircraft will quickly dial the speed necessary for take -off.


In addition, the chassis will be equipped with special levers that provide lifting/lowering and deviation of the body back to ensure maximum lifting force and resistance when it is necessary. Thanks to these know-how, the new plane will be able to develop cruising speeds up to 250 km/h and make flights up to 200 km. At the time of landing, the legs-chassis will soften a sharp push in contact with the runway.

Metro HOP is considering Stol (Short Takeoff and Landing-this is the short-term technology of a short run for take-off), as an alternative to air taxi air. At the same time, developers offer to use about 60 meters long skyscrapers as a GDP of roof, which will cost the energy consumption much cheaper than the use of electric vtol. However, the problem is that there are not so many buildings with such roofs in the world yet.

Another option is to use the Metro Hop plane as a carrier of small goods on intracity and intercity routes.

Source &#8212 Metro Hop

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