An electronic library will appear in Runet Protection of personal data

It is noted that over the years of the law, the principles of protection of personal data have been developed. A significant development was received by the Institute for the Protection of Personal Data on the Internet;In addition, electronic services were implemented related to the use of collected and accumulated information about a person.

In order to summarize the information related to the protection of personal data, a specialized electronic library will be formed. This service will be a catalog structured in groups: «Legislation and judicial practice», «Presentations, reports, articles and monograms», «Methodical documents, recommendations and comments of the authorized body», «international experience».

At first, it is planned to include basic regulatory and legal acts, individual judicial acts and documents of the authorized body, prepared, including with the participation of the expert community. In the future, the service base will be replenished and updated.

It is assumed that the new resource will become an effective help and assistant for both ordinary citizens and for the operator community.


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