An output date FF XIV: ALM ReBorn on PlayStation 4

Preliminary orders have already been open from today, and all of them will receive a Mog CAP headdress for a character as a gift, as well as the Cait Sith Doll minion. They will also be able to start the game not on April 14, when MMO officially comes out, but on April 11. Those who already have a Final Fantasy XIV: ALM REBORN for PC or PS3 will receive even more bonuses – They will go as a gift Fat Chocobo and Wind-Up Moogle Minon, which are exclusive for PlayStation 4.

An ordinary publication will cost customers $ 39.99, and «collector», which can only be purchased in the official Square Enix store, – At $ 79.99. PlayStation 3 version owners will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version without an additional fee, but this is done only once – It won’t work to return back. Open beta testing starts on February 22.


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