$ 1 million to those who trust the neural network to submit their own business in the US Supreme Court

The founder of Donotpay Joshua Brighter said he was ready to pay a bonus of $ 1 million. to the lawyer or defendant in the US Supreme Court, who will agree to use the prompts of his AI. However, you will have to take a certain risk and do strictly as the AI says, on which the result of the court will depend. Brauder himself has no doubt in a successful outcome, therefore he appointed such a generous reward.

This is a public experiment, the purpose of which is openly to verify the capabilities of AI to perform the functions of a lawyer in real time in the presence of real judges. Moreover, Brauder wants to raise bets, so instead of simple disputing of road fines, he aimed at the consideration of the case in the US Supreme Court. The risk is great, but the game costs a candle – if successful, incredible opportunities are opening up before AI from Donotpay.

It must be clarified that this is not a whim of a browner alone – on the contrary, almost all the leading AI developers in the United States are behind the initiative. They want to show and prove that artificial intelligence is able to overcome the bureaucracy and bureaucratic arbitrariness, that AI can surpass a person in the area where the maximum injustice is traditionally observed in relation to ordinary people. If AI surpasses the rhetoric of professional lawyers and convince judges of their rightness, this will become a new milestone in the history of mankind.

Source &#8212 Donotpay

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