@Evleaks: nexus 6 will not work out due to Silver certification program

We have already reported at the end of last month that Google could soon abandon the Nexus brand in favor of the new Silver Certification Program. Judging by @evleaks, which previously reported the exact information more than once, Google will not release a new Nexus 6 series smartphone, about which rumors came. At the same time, the informant hinted at the Android Silver program, saying that it is not worth worrying: there is a ray of hope («Don’T Feery, There’s silver lining to this cloud»).

Recall: judging by the previously published information, the Android Silver program is designed to put an end to the fragmentation of the Android platform (or at least weaken this well -known problem). Google will encourage manufacturers to produce devices with a minimum of modifications, that is, with a more or less reference environment. At the same time, owners of Silver apparates will be able to delete third-party pre-installed applications.

Devices that will receive Silver certification will receive updates first, by analogy with Nexus devices. As part of the Silver program, up to five flagship smartphones will simultaneously move: this will give customers more choice compared to Nexus. Earlier it was reported that Google is going to start the deployment of Android Silver next year, but if we believe the rumors about Nexus 6, then we can find out the details of the new certification program at the Google I/O conference next month.

By the way, in April, the Taiwanese resource Digitimes also reported a possible Google refusal from the Nexus program in the tablet market: according to Google journalists, HTC is going to cooperate in the release of the new Nexus 8, which may be the last in the series. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out circulating rumors about the Nexus 6 with the fingerprint sensor and the Snapdragon 805 chip, as well as the cooperation of Google and MediaTek in creating an inexpensive Nexus smartphone with a 64-core processor.


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