Runtastic stopped updating its Windows Phone applications

On the support page, Runtastic wrote the following:

«Unfortunately, on Windows Phone is much fewer users compared to Android and iOS. This means that the market is relatively small. It will never be superfluous to think about the future capabilities of the platform before purchasing the phone.

Like any other company, we make decisions on the basis of what we see the greatest potential. At the same time, we are one of the few companies developing applications for this platform. Of course, we also want to offer our users on Windows Phone the best possible products. However, we hope, you understand that our priorities are based on the platforms and the market and that from this moment we will no longer update our applications for Windows Phone».

However, it is not clear whether the company is going to delete its applications from the Microsoft store and how long the those who have already been installed will be able to use them. Nevertheless, those who like to track information about their playing sports are highly recommended to start considering the alternatives Runtastic — For example, the Endomondo Sports Tracker or products from Garmin or Fitbit very similar in functionality.


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