Ryzen 7: the world release of the long -awaited trio

AMD gave the go -ahead at the beginning of sales of the first Ryzen processors based on Silicon crystals Summit Ridge (Zen, 14 Nm) and the publication of their reviews. Eight -core models debuted today — Ryzen 7 1800X with a frequency formula of 3.6/4 GHz, Ryzen 7 1700x (3.4/3.8 GHz) and Ryzen 7 1700 (3/3.7 GHz). In the second quarter, the company will compose the Ryzen 5 1600x (3.5/4 GHz) and Ryzen 5 1500X (3.5/3.7 GHz) chips with six and four x86-64 nuclei, respectively. Processors with suffix X support the technology of dynamic overclocking XFR, which allows you to automatically increase the frequency of nuclei in excess of the declared values. In addition, all the well -known CPU Ryzen 5 and 7 have the function of multi -flow data processing SIMULTANEUS MULTITHREADING (SMT).

The recommended prices for AMD Ryzen 7 processors amount to $ 499 for the 1800X model, $ 399 for 1700X and $ 329 for 1700. These amounts are relevant for the US market and do not take into account sales tax. In the Russian retail, the box (BOX) version of the Ryzen 7 1800X today can be ordered at a price of 37,300 rubles., Ryzen 7 1700x — from 29 620 rubles., Ryzen 7 1700 — from 24,130 rubles.

Night sales Ryzen 7 have started in Japan

Night sales Ryzen 7 have started in Japan

Observers who have received Ryzen 7 note the high performance of these CPUs in tasks, where all eight data processing flows are effectively involved. The Achilles fifth Summit Ridge seems to be games, but the situation is generally not bad, especially given the lag of the 32-nm FX processors from Intel Core solutions in recent years.

Ryzen 7: Tests
Ryzen 7: Tests

The overclocking potential of the Ryzen 7 models is still seriously limited. In particular, out of 1800x, the company’s engineers are already «from the factory» almost all the juices squeezed. The experience of our laboratory showed the possibility of a flagship chip to accelerate to 4 GHz with a significant increase in stress — up to 1.55 centuries. Foreign colleagues (Hothardware, HardwareCanucks and others.) achieved similar results. The 4 GHz mark turned out to be a maximum, although the Advanced Micro Devices assured the audience in the possibility of new processors to accelerate to 4.2–4.3 GHz without the use of liquid or extreme cooling.

Ryzen 7 Acceleration

The energy consumption of models of the Ryzen 7 family was also higher than the expected, that is, more than the more specified in the specifications of these processors. It is quite obvious that Ryzen 7 1800X has no question of any 95 watts, because in some applications it requires even more power than the Intel Hedt Processors.

Ryzen 7 Test

Ryzen 7 Test

In order for our readers to make a more complete impression of the new CPU Ryzen 7, we have prepared a detailed overview of the flagship model Ryzen 7 1800x.


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