Ryno single -wheeled motorcycle is ready for production

Single -wheeled self -balance Ryno scooter can hardly be considered a novelty. It was developed by one of the leading engineers of Ryno Motors by Chris Hoffman in 2010, but for various reasons and, above all, financial was not launched into a series.

The concept of an unusual single -wheeled motorcycle came to the head of its creator when he first saw Sigway. Hoffman simply decided to improve him, providing a comfortable seat and motorcycle steering wheel.

Monocycle Ryno

As a result, a very compact, light (weight of 57 kg), maneuverable and environmentally friendly type of transport with an electric drive appeared. The monocycle is almost 20 km of the way at a speed of up to 16 km/h. This, of course, is not the fastest motorcycle in the world, but for urban movement of such a speed it will be quite enough. It will take only an hour and a half to replenish the battery capacity.

Monocycle Ryno

To move, you do not need to put pressure on the gas at all. To do this, it is enough to lean slightly forward, and the rest of the work will be completed by special hidden sensors. Accordingly, the tilt back will mean braking. The move to the right to the left is carried out using a motorcycle steering wheel equipped with a brake lever and a gas button.

Monocycle Ryno

The municipal services of a number of countries have already become interested in the novelty. The release of monocycles is planned to begin this spring. Its estimated price will be about $ 5300.

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