Safenet: The case with the “Citadel” showed that no one is completely protected from hacker hacking

According to Microsoft, the activities of the hacker organization applied to 90 countries of the world, including the USA, Russia, China, India, Australia and Brazil.

Safenet CEO in Russia and the CIS Sergey Kuznetsov, commenting on what happened, noted the high organization of criminals, who had a technical support service and even a service to respond to reviews and wishes. «Today it is important not only to try to prevent theft of data, but also to develop a strategy for protecting information in a situation of high probability of leakage or other compromise.— claims Kuznetsov.— The frequent cyber attacks on international companies show that there is no defense left in the world that cannot be hacking or overcoming». He also added that in the competition of hackers, Russia is not behind the West: until 2007, RBN (Russian Business Network) was operating here, which was one of the most powerful hacker organizations in the world.


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