Safari in iOS 8 can use a camera reading on credit cards

One of the small, but useful innovations was the function of the Safari mobile web facial web spectacor to scan a credit card using a device camera, which eliminates users from the need for manually filling out fields when making an Internet purchase.

Earlier, when the entry of the data of the credit card data, Safari, invited the user to choose in advance saved information about the credit card in the Passwords section & Autofill. Now the SCAN CREDIT CARD option has appeared, after the choice of which the camera turns on and characteristic contours appear on the screen that help to correctly photograph the card that has not yet been saved in the user database. Then, by optical recognition of Safari, it enters a few data into the corresponding fields. This method can also be used to save information about new cards in the Passwords settings section & Autofill.

From the point of view of site owners, of course, no action is required to support this possibility — Safari automatically determines when it is required to enter the data of the credit card, and allows you to cause the described opportunity using a button above the pop -up keyboard.

The mobile version of the Safari browser also received an extremely popular possibility of choosing a full -fledged version of the site and the mode of displaying tabs for iPad.


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