Sagem my150x cell phone

General characteristics Sagem My150x

Communication standard: GSM 1800, GSM 900
Antenna: built -in
Battery: Li-Ion
Year of issue: 2007

Display Sagem My150x

Type of display: 1.8-inch, LCD graphic
Backlight: +

Sound Sagem My150x

Polyphony: 16-tonal
Vibration ( +
Silent call: +
Loud -speaking connection: +

Call management Sagem My150x

Voice set: +
Returning the call: +
Auto -Call: +
Call forwarding: +

Keyboard Sagem My150x

Backlight: +
Blocking: +

User interface Sagem My150x

Accelerated set of numbers: +
Volume control: +

Organizer Sagem My150x

Watch: +
Alarm: +
Calculator: +
Calendar: +

Data transfer Sagem My150x

SMS: +

Additional features Sagem My150x

Games: +
FM receiver:
Mp3 player:
Digital camera:

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