Sailors raised the Sherman tank from the bottom of the Barents Sea

This tank was never destined to participate in the battles of World War II. In the spring of 1945, as part of the JW-65 convoy, the Thomas Donaldson transport ship, transporting military supplies for the USSR in the framework of Lend-Lease, was sunk by the German submarine boat at the entrance to the Kola Bay of the Kola Bay. Among other cargoes on his deck were Sherman M4A2 tanks, equipped with a 76-mm gun and two machine guns.

During the rise

The command of the Northern Fleet decided to raise a 30-ton tank to the surface. To the surprise and joy of those who participated in the rise, the car is extremely well preserved, despite more than 70-year stay in cold sea water. According to the recollections of veterans, military equipment supplied from the United States was impeccably packed and had a special anti -corrosion coating.

There were frequent cases when in the officials of guns our soldiers found “bonuses” —Gifts from ordinary Americans in the form of souvenirs and even bottles of whiskey. By decision of the command, raised from the bottom “Sherman” will become an exhibit of the Northern Fleet Museum in Safonovo.

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