Sales Cits: Skylines beat Paradox records for the first day

This amount includes the preliminary orders of CITIES: SkyLines. No other project published by Paradox over the entire existence of the company did not achieve such results in one day. Given that the development company at the time of the start of the game consisted of nine employees, this result looks very impressive.

«We in Colossal Order are insanely happy to see how many players enjoy CITIES: SkyLines and how quickly stunning content for her appears in Steam Workshop, — The head of the studio Marina Hallikainen said. — We are very happy and proud of this, and we are unable to continue to work on the Cits: SkyLines, along with the community!»

«We knew that we got an excellent game in our own hands, and therefore I am very glad that we will continue to offer its audience a new interesting content in the future», — Added by the head of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester (Fredrik Wester).

The urban planning simulator was released on March 11 on PC, Mac and Linux.


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