Sales of Apple gadgets in the United States under the threat of prohibition!

HTC announced that it filed a new lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of violating its patents. At the same time, the lawsuit applies not only to mobile devices running the iOS operating system, but also to Mac computers. HTC intends to achieve the cessation of import and sales in the USA iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac computers. The application was submitted to the Court of County Delaware, USA and the International Trade Commission (ITC). Recall that before that Apple accused HTC of illegally using its patented developments, and the ITC recognized its right to some points. However, she also discovered that Mac OS X violates the patents of the S3 Graphics company, which now belongs to HTC. Now this “patent war” has switched to a new round of its development. The HTC statement states that Apple violated three HTC patents: 7.765,414;7,672,219 and 7,417,944. They are associated with Wi -Fi wireless communication, more precisely, connecting several devices to it, as well as the technology of combining the PDA and a mobile phone into a single device – smartphone.

Source: Engadget

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