Sales of “smart” watches Pebble have been exceeded for 1 million copies

Pebble, one of the pioneers of the modern electronics market, spoke about high demand for its products. In addition, the manufacturer promised to release a unique product.

In an interview with The Verge, PEBBLE General Director Eric Migicovsky said that by December 31, 2014, his company has implemented a million copies around the world «smart» hours. In March of the same year, the total sales of pebble gadgets measured 400 thousand. units. These smart hours appeared on the market in January 2013.

Accelerating Pebble sales in the second half of last year helped reduction in prices — up to $ 99 for the standard version of PEBBLE WATCH and up to $ 199 for a device in the Pebable Steel metal case.

Project «smart» Pebble hours is a record holder for the number of contributions to Kickstarter. In 2012, he gained $ 10.2 million. Interest in this product began to fade away after the wearable electronics of a number of large brands, such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony, Microsoft and Apple,. The latter will start sales of its Apple Watch smart watch in April.

Pebble intends to fight with eminent competitors and is already preparing new products. In particular, Eric Migitovsky promises the appearance of the next generation of Pebble watch this year, which will differ from all existing solutions. Pebble, the head of PEBBLE was only informed that it will receive a special platform that will change the method of interaction of the user with wearable electronics.


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