Sales of Bluetooth Fitbit Flyer and Fitbit Ionic smart watch will begin on October 1

Fitbit voiced the date of launch on sale of its first headphones — Flyer wireless headset. Together with her, the first smart hours of the company, announced in late August, will appear on store shelves. Both devices will become available for purchase on October 1, 2017. For a headset in a gray/blue/golden color version, customers from the United States will have to pay $ 129.95, and the Fitbit Ionic gadget wearing on the wrist will cost the future owner $ 29.95.

Flyer headphones are an intra-channel headset for mobile devices, which is connected to a Bluetooth channel. The headphones are oriented to listen to music during sports, as evidenced by protection against sweat and moisture.

Image: Lili Sams/Mashable

Image: Lili Sams/Mashable

Freedom from wires during physical exercises and morning jogging is limited to six hours of Fitbit Flyer from the built -in battery. FitBit experts compensated for not the most outstanding autonomy indicators with the ability to quickly charging an accessory: a 15-minute connection to the outlet is enough for a subsequent audio scene with a duration of one hour.

On the Fitbit Flyer Cabel headphones, a remote control with the basic controls and a built -in microphone, which allows you to take the calls incoming on the smartphone. In terms of sound quality, if you rely on the reviews published by journalists, this first-first first-made firstbess unit has been quite faceless — A typical middle peasant with an inflated price tag.

But the Ionic smart clocks, until the appearance of which only fitness trackers were listed on the Fitbit’s track record, look like a really worthwhile purchase. The gadget under the control of the Fitbit OS operating system received a 1.42 -inch touch display with a diagonal and a resolution of 348 × 250 points.

Among its functional features, the manufacturer focuses on the Purepulse heart rate sensor characterized by increased measurement accuracy, as well as the ability to determine the indicator of blood saturation with oxygen.

In addition to the usual Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ionic smart hours are equipped with a GPS module with support for Glonass and NFC chip for payments through the Fitbit Pay system. Fitness-component of a wearable device covers the entire set of parameters and training programs necessary to maintain a user in the form.

It will be possible to order Fitbit Ionic in the United States from October 1, 2017.


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