Sales of cameras with replaceable optics grow against the background of a common decline

The digital cameras market is now at all the best times, the fault of what — smartphones and tablet computers with built -in cameras, the quality of the pictures of which satisfies the requirements of most users. But if in general in the industry everything is not very good, then individual segments can boast of albeit small, but still with market growth. Such growth is observed, for example, in the sector of digital compact cameras with replaceable optics — Here, analysts note a certain increase in sales, albeit not as fast as before.

Back in 2012, the photo compact market with interchangeable optics showed the breathtaking growth rates, which are up to 100%. But now about such numbers can only dream of cameras manufacturers — For the first half of 2013, the market grew by only 6%, as a result of 4.2 million devices sold. Here, a negative factor affecting the sales of system cameras is called popularity among consumers of digital mirror cameras. This is especially true for entry -level devices, which are gradually becoming more and more affordable for buyers. In general, DSLR apparatus among chambers with replaceable optics occupy dominant positions — At the end of 2013, they will belong to 80% of the market.

In general, in the market, the sales of digital cameras according to the results of 2013 will fall by 24 percent, and the total volume will amount to 84 million devices sold. But the chamber segment with interchangeable optics (photo compacts and DSLR apparates) will grow by 5%, amounting to about 21 million cops put on the shelves of stores.

In general, analysts look into the future with moderate optimism. On the one hand, the market experiences serious pressure from smartphones and tablet computers. On the other hand, the interest of users in digital photography is growing, the number of digital photo lovers increases. And a lot due to the popularity of portable gadgets. After the amateur photographer reaches a certain level, he begins to look towards a more complex technique that allows you to get pictures of a completely different level — system chambers and mirror cameras. In addition, bets are also made on the markets of developing countries, where there is an expansion of the so -called middle class, which leads to an increase in demand for digital chambers with replaceable optics.



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