Samples of Martian stones are similar to the earthly rock

The result of a thorough analysis of the finds of the Curiosity Marshound was the conclusion about the similarity in the geological development of the Earth and Mars. Several light stones were found, identical in appearance and chemical composition to earthly rocks. The structure of strange stones is similar to the rocks of the earth’s continental crust, consisting of relatively light breeds.

Before receiving this information from the Marshound, scientists converged in the opinion that the Earth —The only of the planets of the solar system having a continental bark. The basis for such a belief was the theory about the need for a long period of time to displace the lungs to the surface of the planet. Similar processes occur only on active planets.

To the factors uniting Mars and Earth, except for the presence of water in various forms and atmospheric radiance, now the similarity of geological development is added. Curiosity transmitted by the Curiosity Marshal allow us to hope for numerous sensations in the foreseeable future. The similarity of the geological development of our planet and Mars will make it possible to build assumptions about the origin of the solar system with greater reliability.Related articles:How much to fly to Mars?

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