Samsung WB700 – Competit camera with 18 -fold zoom (3 photos)

Samsung introduced the new ultrazum, which is the heir to the WB600/WB650 cameras. The novelty is equipped with a 16-megapixel matrix and optics with an equivalent focal length of 24-432 millimeters. Of the important, it is necessary to note the presence of an optical stabilizer, the ability to record a video in HD quality. Of the interesting – shooting in RAW and a new noise reduction algorithm during video shooting. It’s funny that 1.3-time digital zoom is political correctly called intellectual, which allowed marketers to unobtrusively voice the possibility of 24-fold approximation of the image. In general, an interesting compact camera turned out. We are waiting for the price announcement and the WB750 model with the GPS receiver.

Source: Samsung

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