Scientists have found that he makes a person boring – the results were disappointing

Surely many try to be interesting and outstanding, but there are boring people everywhere. Who is this person who is not able to end the story properly or incessantly telling about his “exciting” observations of ants? To understand what makes people boring, and why we perceive them as such, scientists at the University of Essex asked volunteers to determine the most boring character traits, hobbies and professions.

First, 463 participants were supposed to write a list of boring, in their opinion, professions. These included data analysts, accounting, taxation/insurance, cleaning and banking, but the most boring occupation turned out to be a dream (it turns out that we are not socially approved in our time), religion, watching TV, monitoring of animals and mathematics. The character traits of typical bores were the lack of interests and feelings of humor, lack of one’s own point of view and the habit of complaining about life.

Unfortunately, those who recognized themselves in the society can be hard in society. Further, the subjects were described by non -existent characters with “boring characteristics”, including “non -education” and “monotonous voice”, and it turned out that such people were perceived as cold and incompetent, they did not want to communicate with them. The most curious was opened at the end, when the participants of the experiment were asked how much they need to pay for communication with a “typical bore”, and they called much larger amounts than in the case of a more outstanding company.

It should be noted that this study was local, and the subjects were mainly inhabitants of the United States – so, perhaps in other countries, boring professions, hobbies and character traits will vary. But this is one of the first studies of the phenomenon of “boring people” in several areas at once, and this data is needed in order to find strategies for the fight against annoying stereotypes in the future. For example, it is not clear why boring people seem incompetent, because these qualities are in no way related. At least, accountants are very smart and useful, and bankers have serious power in society.

Source &#8212 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

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