Second generation Intel Galileo mini-PK will be released in August at a price of $ 60

Intel Corporation, according to PC World, is about to start sales of a second-pay second-generation Galileo computer (Gen2), designed for developers and enthusiasts.

The original model of the mini-PK Galileo, recall, was represented in the fall of 2013. The device is equipped with an economical QUARK processor with a clock frequency of 400 MHz. Interfaces such as ACPI, PCI Express, 10/100 Ethernet, SD, USB 2 are supported.0, UART and RS-232.

A second-generation Galileo computer will receive a 32-bit X86-compositable Quark processor X1000. This tiny chip contains one core with the possibility of performing one stream of instructions, 16 Kash-Kesh-Kamyati Kesh-Men, 512 KB of SRAM memory and DDR3 controller. Clock frequency — up to 400 MHz.

Galileo Gen2 will provide support for USB ports, Mini PCI Express and Microsd Microsd Slot. The fee will use the operating system on the Linux nucleus.

The novelty reportedly will become available in August. The price will be approximately $ 60 against $ 70, which Intel asked for the original version at the time of the start of sales. Developers will be able to use Galileo Gen2 to create robots, various wearable devices and compact electronics.



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