“Green” shoes from algae will be released in the UK

Back in 2015, Algix and Effekt began joint development of Bloom Ecopena based on algae. A company with the same name was later created, which now begins to produce shoes from it.

Ecopena raw materials are algae that live in the United States and Asia in places where there is an excess of nutrients (usually due to washing out mineral fertilizers) that contribute to their rapid growth. Algae themselves harm the surrounding ecosystem, primarily fish. But as you know, there is nothing superfluous in nature, and scientists have found the use of parasitic algae.

The collected biomass after the collection is dehydrated, dried and turned into granules. After mixing with other components, soft supple foam is formed. Depending on the recipe, algae can be from 15 to 60 % of the finished product, not inferior in quality by hydrocarbon analogues.

Herbal shoes

At first, foam was used for the production of rugs for yoga and coating for surfing boards. And now the British manufacturer of shoes, Vivobarefoot, has announced readiness together with Bloom for the first time in the world to start the production of “herbal” shoes.

Specialists of Vivobarefoot calculated that only one pair of men’s shoes of the 42nd size will help to “return” the nature to 216 liters of pure water and reduce the release of the atmosphere from2, which can be downloaded in 40 balloons. You can buy shoes on the company’s website in July.

Source &#8212 Vivobarefoot

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