Separate Sound Zone technology will allow each car passenger to listen to his music

South Korean Hyundai-Kia Motors Automobile Giant presented a unique SepaRate Sound Zone technology (separate sound wave) —SSZ, creating an individual sound space for each of the four passengers of a car without using headphones. In other words, it allows each passenger to individually enjoy “his” music without interfering with others.

The SSZ system uses numerous speakers located in the cabin, which project the sound to certain seats. They are also specially programmed for phase displacement and neutralization of sound waves coming from other speakers. It is easy to guess that we are talking about very complex algorithms in the process of achieving this effect.

SepaRate Sound Zone

At the same time, the noise reduction function does not affect the process of communication between people inside the cabin, since it is aimed at what goes beyond the scope of this sound system. Plus, the system forms an additional level of confidentiality during phone calls in wireless mode and guarantees that only the driver hears navigation signals and warning sounds.

Representatives of the Hyundai-Kia Motors assured that the installation of the SSZ system on serial cars can begin in the next 1-2 years.

Source &#8212 Hyundai-Kia

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