“Star Paths “50 years: five best technologies inspired by a cult series

50 years ago, September 8, 1966, the first series of the television series was released on the screens «Star Trek» (Star Trek). Since then, 726 episodes of space opera, 13 feature films have been shot, more than 300 novels were written based on «Star path» And many games came out. The series captured the imagination of millions not only narrated about distant space travels, but also raised acute political and social issues. In part, the success of this project was facilitated by the space race between the USSR and the USA at the height of the Cold War, and the landing of the first people on the moon in 1969. only strengthened its popularity.

The intrigue in matters of space exploration grew, and the series gave people the opportunity to look into a fantastic future. However, his plot was not so torn off from reality, as it might seem, in any case, when the case concerned technology.

The greatest achievement «Star path» It consists in the fact that the television show for teenagers inspired people to create technologies that changed the appearance of the modern world.

1. Tablet

Now you will not surprise anyone with a tablet, but for the first time we saw him in the hands of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, the commander of the ship «Enterprise» (Enterprise). He used it «personal access device» with display and pen.

The main concept of the tablet can be traced up to 1888., When Elisha Gray, he patented the electronic device «Televtograph», intended for remembering handwritten text, but precisely thanks to «Star path» This technology has become widely known.

Despite the fact that since then several options for such a device have appeared, the tablet reached the market only in 1989.

2. Voice interface computer

You use Siri, Alexa or Cortana? This is another technology owed its appearance «Star path».

Apple introduced this technology on the iPhone 4s in 2011., But the idea arose long before «Star path»: Captain Jean Luc Picard (Jean Luc Picard) regularly gave orders to the on-board computer «Enterprise».

However, not only «Star Trek» became the source of the idea of this technology. Cortana, a virtual voice assistant from Microsoft, created in the image and likeness of a Iskin from the popular game series Halo.

3. Google Glass

Perhaps the idea of Google Glass has failed, but this is another technology from «Star Way».

In the season of the series «Star Way: Deep Cosmos 9» (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) Residents of the state Dominion used the device of virtual display. It existed in two types — headset for wearing on the head or on the shoulder — and allowed the owner to survey the space outside the ship. Of course, this is not quite Google Glass, but the similarity is obvious.

4. Video conference

In 1966. Many have already had phones, but the idea of video conferences at large distances had never occurred to anyone. The first serious experience of remote communication was carried out in 2008. Thanks to joint work at AT&T and cisco. High -quality video conference requires the perfect combination of sound, image and light.

In fact, the beginnings of this idea can be found in the animated series «Jetson» (The Jetsons) 1962, and AT&T demonstrated the version of this technology at the World Fair in New York 1964–65. However, in «Star path» She played an important role. In the first series «A trap for a person» (The Man Trap) Captain Kirk used the video conference technology, after which she regularly appeared in the series.

5. Traction ray

It really exists!

By 2015. UK engineers have developed a system that can capture, hold and move small objects without touching them. Used for this «Acoustic holograms». Engineers revealed that a small object can be held in the air, surrounding it with high -power sound waves. The movement of the subject is controlled by sequential switching of sound sources. Thanks to the system of speakers emitting ultrasound in a complex sequence, engineers managed to move an object the size of a pea from a distance of 300–400 mm.

Separately mention the phone-scrap. Heroes «Star path» They were associated with the planet parked in orbit by a ship using a device resembling a folding phone. The size of this device is not too different from the modern phone, although in terms of functions and limited.

It remains to wait for the appearance of a warp engine, teleport and holographic deck.


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