“Project of special significance”: what does it mean to be an engineer in the 21st century

The Scientific and Technical Center of Zaslon JSC and the largest electronic library of Runet Litres on March 29 of this year launched a large literary competition, called “Project of special importance”.

The participants in the competition were given the task of creating a work of up to 100 thousand signs in any of the following genres: a production novel, post -apocalypse, science fiction, social science fiction, the future of mankind, cyberpunk, and tell in it an interesting and realistic engineering history. Or, as the organizers themselves formulated, the story “On the creation of a complex technological project that can change the usual world;about people managing complex engineering products;about innovative ideas with which you can solve the global tasks of mankind “.

ZaslonPhoto: Archives of JSC “Zaslon”

The main task, which was put in front of the authors-to write a story so that the plots then did not get out of the head for a long time, but this is described by the language of an understandable engineer, physics, programmer, biologist, chemist, technologist and any other engineering and technical specialist. It was important to note how simple engineers have a life at once, how original ideas come to them and how they upheld their creations.

Writers were invited to describe the creation of a complex technological product, the process of managing engineering products, describe possible events – for example, a manifestation of personal, professional, business and public conflicts, competition, pressure from customers, attempts to lure developers, and other quite realistic situations that are faced with which are faced withqualified technical personnel in the modern world.

The competition was attended by 463 author from all over Russia. The literary quality of the works was evaluated by well -known Russian writers: Sergey Lukyanenko, Vadim Panov, Max Glebov, Andrey Vasiliev, and technological realism – the team of JSC Zaslon, whose employees have vast experience in the development and manufacture of high -tech equipment. As a result, 32 works got into the short list of the competition, and 16 went to the final-these works will be included in a special collection on Litres. The “Project of Special significance” ended on September 14, and on October 7 in St. Petersburg, a ceremony of the award of the winners will be held in St. Petersburg.

ZaslonPhoto: Archives of JSC “Zaslon”

The event will begin at 16:00 Moscow time. In addition to presenting prizes to the finalists of the competition, the organizers will hold public-current “Profession Engineer: New Reading”, Where the jury members, writers and representatives of the industry will talk about the profession of an engineer in modern realities, as well as discuss the best works participating in the competitive selection. The speakers of a big conversation about the labor market and engineering professions, expectations and possible youth stereotypes about the technical sphere will be the head of the department of professional self-determination and career growth of St. Petersburg GAU “Employment Center of the Population of St. Petersburg” Olga Chernasus and managing director of Zaslon JSC Alexander Maikov.

See the ceremony with your own eyes And to find out “first -hand” about modern realities and prospects of engineering professions will be possible in the Litres VKontakte community.

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