“Rename me”, or how to quickly release the GeForce GT 610/620/630

In early 2009, a note appeared in our news feed on how users relate to the policy of renaming graphic adapters. Then it came to tricks with GeForce accelerators. For example, many remember the long -playing chip G92, which actually visited three (!) Family of video cards. So, out of 2000 people, about 67% were opponents of this approach. However, the survey was conducted among trained users. And for many buyers, renaming remains behind the scenes, and they just see «new» a product that, of course, is more interesting to buy than something from the last line.

The Fudzilla portal opens the plans for the green giant to fill the GeForce 600 series. NVIDIA will offer a retail buyer three entry -level graphic adapters – GeForce GT 610/620/630.

& laquo; rename me & raquo;or how to quickly release the GeForce GT 610/620/630

Perhaps the guys from NVIDIA will slightly increase the operating frequencies not only the GEFORCE GT 610 video card. While TSMC has certain problems with 28-nm norms, all forces will be thrown on the productive segment of the GeForce video cards. Therefore, true representatives of the GeForce 600 series will appear on the principle from top to bottom – by GTX 680 and several feet lower.


  • Fudzilla.com

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