Sony PlayStation Network was inactive again

It is necessary to note the efficiency with which Sony this time informed users on Twitter that she was involved in the elimination of the problems that caused the work of the work.

Last time, about the stop of the PSN network, which occurred in mid -April, Sony informed the public only by the end of the month.

«We know that PSN is currently not available and work together with technical personnel in order to determine when the network operation is restored. Apologize»,— The company on Twitter turned to European users. About the same was the content of the company’s appeal on this subject and to American users on the microblog page in Twitter.

Fortunately, the problems were not as serious as last time, and, approximately at 01:32 p.m. PST (01:32 Moscow time) The company announced the return of PSN to work. Explanation of the reasons for the network failure, apparently, will come a little later.


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