“The incentive seemed to be not at all”: the developers and publishers explained the reluctance to release their games in Stadia

As it turned out, a key factor in the lack of projects for streaming service — Weak financial motivation. According to a representative of an unnamed publishing house, Google’s proposal was «so modest that it was not even considered».

«The Stadia team addressed us. Typically, this follows a kind of proposal that gives you an incentive to go with them, but in this case the incentive seemed to be not at all», — Remembering «Famous indie developer».

According to another representative of the independent Gamera, in this kind of transactions, small studios are looking not only for resources to create their own projects, but also by some kind of security. The latter, for example, is provided by Epic Games.

The second factor — coverage. The Google Stadia audience is much smaller than that of Nintendo Switch or Steam, and the creators want as many people as possible to get acquainted with their games.

Thirdly, the studios express a fear that Google can abandon his plans for Stadia, as was already happening with other undertakings of the search giant (Google+, Daydream, Google Buzz).

«If anyone can force [Stadia] to work, it is Google, but in the past they had a lot of failure experiments, because of which large services were left without support», — said one of the leaders of the unnamed publishing house.

The head of Stadia Phil Harrison at the presentation of Stadia Connect in June 2019

The head of Stadia Phil Harrison at the presentation of Stadia Connect in June 2019

Google commented on the concern of the developers: the representative of the Stadia team sent a Business Insider list of partners. Large companies like Bethesda, Ubisoft and 2K Games are more than enough there, but there are practically no indie collections.

«It’s not only about money. Ultimately, I wonder why I need this. And [in the case of Stadia] there were no good reasons. With the exception of the prospects to be the first on the platform, there is nothing for us there», — Summarized by an indie developer who did not want to release his project in Google Stadia.

Earlier, Google promised to replenish the Stadia library of more than 120 games during 2020, and explained the lack of information about the upcoming releases by the fact that each particular publisher had its own plans.


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