“Yandex.Cards “received New interface and integration with the “People’s Card”

One of the innovations in «Yandex.Maps» — Revised interface. Now cards and panoramas occupy the entire browser window, which simplifies the search for the desired streets, buildings and provides wider coverage. The object of the object will not only tell the address, but also show how the street on panoramas looks like, — and at the same time will offer options for travel. If there are several options, they can be compared directly on the map and choose the most convenient. If desired, at any time you can switch to the old interface.

Another important change is associated with the contents of the cards. «Yandex» begins to combine the results of labor of professional cartographers and users, which make up «People’s map». This is expected to implement detailed schemes of all cities and settlements of Russia as part of a single service.

From today «Folk map» turns into an editor «Yandex.Kart»: From now on, anyone can participate in the filling of the service with information. You can go to the editor from the menu «Feedback» — It will open if you press the letter «I» In the lower left corner of the screen.

With the help of the editor, you can, for example, add a recently built house or a pharmacy that has opened in the neighborhood to the card — No special knowledge or skills for editing is required. All amendments undergo moderation, after which the changes appear directly on «Yandex.Maps». Database update occurs once a month.

Add that the service «Yandex.Cards» Available on Maps website.Yandex.ru and in the form of mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The service allows you to look for addresses and organizations, view satellite and panoramic pictures of cities, build automobile routes and public transport routes.


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