Sunset Overdrive: Mystery of the Moil Rig went on sale

The addition of the addition is unfolded on the Moil oil platform located off the coast of Sanset City, where there is an armed conflict between dissatisfied and well-armed workers, which is also complicated by marine mutants. The developers added new missions, boss, tests, traps, weapons and bonuses to Sunset Overdrive, as well as a couple of skills for quick movement in water expanse. For example, the ability of Water Dive gives you the opportunity to plunge under water for a while, and Water Slam Bounce allows you to push off from its surface.

In addition, now gamers can take part in the test of Beat the DEV., where they will have the opportunity to fight with developers in Chaos Squad. The players who won the employees of the Insomniac Games will receive an exclusive in -game shirt, the gas mask next to their pseudonym and a special achievement.



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