“Black Friday” began in Armored Warfare

This content is contained in five special sets that will be available until December 7 (15:00 in Moscow). They, along with other gifts, will be played between players who, from November 27 to 29, as well as from December 4 to 6, will win at least 5 PVP-boys. Also, bonuses will go to other active participants: all users who participated in at least one PVP-bit will receive premium-entryment days or tripled reputation.

In total within «Black Friday» The developers will play 9 full collection sets, 15 sets from Marat Shishkin and the same amount from Sophie Velfli, as well as 30 units of the following premium tanks: Zhalo-S, VFM 5, LAV-150, AMX-10P 90 and MBT-70.


  • Armored Warfare

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