The “smart” bottle of Blufit Bottle will protect against dehydration

“Don’t let yourself dry” —It was such a motto that guided the developers of the smart tank Blufit Bottle, The project of which was launched at the crowdfunding service Indiegogo.

Blufit Bottle really “smart” bottle. She, together with a special mobile application, will protect its owner from dehydration, because, as you know, the human body is 60 % of the water.

Using special sensors, the bottle determines the amount of water drunk, as well as “cuts” the time. All these data via Bluetooth are transmitted to iPhone, iPad or Android platform device. The application installed on a mobile device will analyze the data obtained and calculate the amount of water that must be drunk to the user in order to avoid dehydration. The weight of the user, its growth, temperature and humidity are also taken into account.

Until November 6, you can support the project at Indiegogo. There you can also place a preliminary order for a bottle of Blufit Bottle worth $ 59. Estimated date of start of supplies – March next year.

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