Apple asked to postpone the consideration of the iPhone hacking in Court of New York

Apple said that an attempt by the authorities to hack a smartphone of a terrorist from San Bernardino in case of good luck can eliminate the government’s need to help her in a similar dispute in New York.

The company sent a letter to the Federal Court of Brooklyn (New York) with a request to postpone the consideration of the Ministry of Justice of the Ministry of Justice for a court decision, confirming the legality of Apple’s refusal to hack the iPhone of one of the drug dealers.

The Apple letter was sent after the US prosecutor’s office announced on Monday about a possible attraction «third party», proposing its method of hacking the iPhone, in connection with which the help of the company from Cupertino is not required.

In his letter, Apple writes that the method applied to obtain access to the data of the San Bernardino shooter smartphone can also be used in the investigation of the case of drug dealers in Brooklyn, and this «could eliminate the need for Apple».

The press secretary of the Ministry of Justice was unable to respond on Friday to a request to comment on the request of the company. Apple in her letter stated that the Ministry of Justice did not mind the deferred of consideration of the appeal.

In the case under consideration in the New York court, a smartphone requiring a hack, belongs to Jun Feng, who pleaded guilty of illegal trade in methamphetamine. The Ministry of Justice seeks to unlock a hair dryer phone to find his accomplices. It should be noted that the hair dryer has a smartphone with an older version of iOS 7, which is not protected by the same encryption technology as the iPhone arrow from San Bernardino.


  • Reuters

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